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Got a Deaf Child?

Don’t worry. Your child is perfectly natural and okay. Your child has every chance to succeed and to have a wonderful life. However, there is one essential requirement: you and your child must learn the language that your child needs – American Sign Language (ASL).

Learning ASL is the first most important step you will ever take to give your child every possible advantage for a lifetime and to insure an enduring relationship with you. Learning ASL is your bridge to your child and your child’s bridge to success and happiness in both the hearing world and the Deaf Community.

Here is the really great news: regardless of whether a child is hearing or deaf, any infant or young child benefits from learning signed language! An extensive study by researchers Susan W. Goodwyn, Ph.D.; Linda P. Acredolo, M.A.; and Catherine A. Brown (of Cal State Stanislaus, UC Davis, and San Diego State University respectively) demonstrated that both hearing and deaf babies who learned signed language between ages 19 and 24 months, scored significantly higher in language, cognitive, and social-emotional development. In related studies, babies taught signs increased their IQ level by as much as 12%.

For you and your baby to learn ASL, there is everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose. TutorASL provides a full array of tutoring, mentoring, and consulting services to parents of deaf children to empower you and your child to maximize your success and happiness.




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